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3 Ways to Stay In Shape as a Stay-at-Home Mama

As someone who has been a personal trainer in the fitness industry for almost a decade, I know what it’s like to have a consistent workout routine. Since being a stay-at-home mama, those “workout routines” that I used to do… let’s just say no longer exist:) I hope that the following 3 ways to stay in shape as a stay-at-home mama helps you in your fitness routine!

I had valued my 1 hour long workouts and “me” time so much that I felt like I didn’t know what to do now that I was thrown for a loop and had to determine what my NEW ROUTINE would consist of. It took me some time to regroup and get back into a NEW NORMAL and a NEW WORKOUT ROUTINE after our son was born. But let me reassure you that all hope is not lost! Yes, it may take some time but if you prioritize yourself, you will make it happen.

Shift your midset (2)

I really had to shift my mindset from what I previously knew about the “right way” to workout, to getting in my workout throughout the day and to make it fun with my son.

I had to remember to also give myself some GRACE and you need to remember that, too.

Whether you have 1 child or 5, remember that you are doing the best you can! But you also need to remember to prioritize yourself as well.

You aren’t doing yourself or your family any favors if you don’t make some time for yourself. Each day commit to move your body, release some endorphins and most of all, laugh!

Shift your midset (5)

Ok, so here it goes! I have listed some ways that I have been able to stay consistent with working out, increase my strength and remain active while making it fun for both myself and my son.

1. Go for a walk!

I always underestimated the benefits of walking until I started doing it consistently. I committed to myself that I would get out of the house and walk with my son a minimum of 2 miles EVERY DAY! Mamas, this was a game changer for me not just physically but mentally as well. This time to get out of your home opens so many doors to also being able to learn new skills, dive into some personal development or grow your marriage through podcasts, audible, or my favorite, prayer.😊

Now, I look forward to my daily walks as I feel as though I have been able to strengthen other parts of my life because of this habit I have been able to form.

So, mamas, I challenge you to pick a time each day, get out of your house and take a walk! Set an alarm, do whatever you need to do to remind yourself to get outside! I promise, you won’t regret it.

2. Go to the park

Let your imagination run wild here!

I love going to the park! It forces you to have fun and tap into your playful side, laugh at yourself a little and sweat at the same time.😊

There are countless things you can do and nothing is off limits! Here are some ideas to get you going.

Hold your baby and do squats, lunges or press your baby up in an an overhead motion to work your arms and shoulders. Use caution though depending on your baby’s age and neck stability.

Use a bench to perform step ups, push-ups or dips

Hold a squat in the down position while you push your baby in the swing

Perform some walking lunges while pushing the stroller

⇒ Do some jumping jacks or everyone’s favorite, burpees!:) 

3. Workout at home!

I know this probably doesn’t seem ideal, but there is no excuse to not exercise! Here are some fun ways to exercise that I have incorporated into my day to make sure I am staying active!

20 squats each time you go to the bathroom. If you are drinking the amount of water you should be (½ your body weight in ounces), then you should be getting in plenty of squats throughout your day;)

20 push ups each time you go into your kitchen. Use the kitchen counter!

20 lunges after you feed your baby. Again, that’s a lot of lunges especially for newborns and babies going through growth spurts! Trust me, they all add up! Plus, you will also get the added benefit of getting your heart rate up!

60 second plank and 20 bridges before you put your baby down for a nap.

These are just some of the things I do to stay active throughout my day! If you would like a personalized workout program specifically for YOU, email me at

Whether you are able to get in a full hour without interruptions, which is almost nearly impossible with kids😉 (but if you are able to, then you are superwoman and I want you to teach me how;)) or 5-10 minutes here and there throughout your day, the key is to be mindful of moving your body!

Do whatever you need to do that helps remind you to move your body. Set alarms, write reminders on your bathroom mirror or place sticky notes throughout your house so that eventually it becomes second nature.

Good luck, mama!

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