Simplifying clean living, a healthy lifestyle, and tasty meals for busy mamas.

Welcome! My name is Lauren and I am a wife to my amazing husband, Kyle, and a stay at home mama to our beautiful little boy!

The credit for this blog goes entirely to my husband who, countless times, encouraged me to start a blog and share my knowledge and expertise with others. He would also tell you that I drink way too much coffee, ask far too many questions and I can quote the movie, Hitch (LOVE Will Smith😉) word for word! But those are just some of the things that make me, well, me!

Along with being a wife and mama, I am a fitness professional with a degree in Exercise Science, (Certified Personal Trainer since 2012), a lover of anything chocolate and an explorer of the great outdoors with my family!

I started my blog after our son was born and wanted it to be a resource for other like-minded mamas looking for ways to improve their health as well as their families. I by no means have all the answers, but will do my best to share my experiences with what has worked for me and my family as we navigate this life! I find great joy in being able to use my passion for health and fitness to help other mamas create healthy lifestyles while teaching you how to prioritize yourself and form life changing habits.

My hope and vision behind this blog is that whatever stage of life you are in as a mama, you will feel empowered and encouraged and find helpful resources for pregnancy and clean living, health and fitness tips, and recipes, all in one spot as you navigate this adventure called motherhood.

So, if you are looking for a natural minded, less conventional, and more holistic approach to being a mama in this crazy world, then look no further😊 I have you covered!