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Registry Must Haves for Baby and First Time Mamas

As a first time mama I was initially excited to register for the best items to help aid in something I (nor my husband) knew nothing about- bringing home a newborn! I have complied a list of registry must haves for baby and first time mamas with the hopes that you find it helpful!

I was getting so much advice (some unwanted;)) from those around me of baby items that I “had to have”. And we can’t forget about the endless scrolling on Pinterest to see if I had “missed” anything.

As someone who is not a quick decision maker and is a questioner at heart, I found it almost agonizing to take on what some people call a “simple and enjoyable” task. I am sure some of you can relate:)

So, my goal here is to give you the ESSENTIAL items that a newborn and first time mama will need. Yes, there are lots of items that would be “cool” or “fun” to have. However, that is not what this post is about. I will tell you what worked for us and share with you what items are necessities and what to register for as your baby grows.

One thing that I was not prepared for was how quickly our son grew! I am pretty sure he went straight from newborn diapers day one, to size 1 the next day!

We were then stuck with all these newborn diapers that we no longer needed, and it forced my husband to make a run to the store to grab a bigger size!

You will soon find out that diapers are not cheap, so the more variety of sizes you can register for at the beginning and get a nice stockpile, the better. In my opinion😊.

Ok, so here are some of my favorite must have items to include on your baby registry!

1. Diapers in ALL sizes and wipes!

I personally love the Honest Company brand. Mainly because they are chemical free, baby friendly and have a subscription plan that is easy to use and helps you save money.

The only downside is the cost. Yes, you can find cheaper diapers, but you pay for what you get. I would rather spend a little more knowing that I am using a safer product for my child than using something that’s not.

Also, register for ALL sizes! You will eventually use them and will be so thankful when your little one grows, and you already have the next size up on hand!

2. Zipper Onesies

These are a lifesaver when you are up at 3 am changing a diaper or feeding your little one. The last thing you want to do is fumble around trying to button up a onesie while you’re trying to get your little one back to sleep as soon as possible.

Just like with diapers, you are going to want to register for bigger sizes! I can’t tell you how many newborn clothes we received that our little guy never wore because he grew so fast!

3. Diaper bag

This is more personal preference on what you like. However, I found this backpack style diaper bag was exactly what I wanted!

It has plenty of room for diapers, wipes, extra clothes, burp cloths and my personal items as well. It also has an insulated compartment for bottles of milk or formula.

4. Bassinet & Crib

After much research in this area, we finally decided to go with the Guava Family Lotus Bassinet/Crib. The nice thing about this product is that when you purchase this bundle and your little one grows out of the bassinet, you will already have the crib! It’s a two for one purchase.

I was also able to find these sheets on Amazon that fit the crib mattress for a lot cheaper than the Guava website.

5. Portable Changing Pad

This item is super convenient whether you are traveling across country or going to the park. This one fits in my backpack diaper bag very nicely and you can even wash it!

6. Car Seat

I recommend you doing your own personal research as to make sure you are up to date on the safety guidelines as they may have upgraded since we bought ours.

However, we went with an infant car seat and it worked well for us. If I had known our son would grow out of it so quickly, I would have bought the convertible car seat from the start.

But, hind sight is 20/20, right?:) There are pros and cons to each so be sure to research what you want and go with your gut! Don’t skimp on this purchase either.

7. Baby Monitor

We chose to go with the Nanit Plus Baby Monitor system. I know there are so many out there so again find what features you want and go with it.

Overall we have been pleased with the Nanit. The feature my husband and I have liked most is the breathing band! The monitor can sense whether your baby has stopped breathing and will alert you. As first time parents, we valued this feature and it put our minds at ease while we were sleeping:)

8. Boppy Pillow

If you plan on breastfeeding you are going to need a good breastfeeding pillow. I chose to go with the Boppy as it seemed most comfortable for me. However, just like with anything, you may need to try a couple different ones to see which you like the best.

I have heard that the My Brest Friend Nursing Pillow is a great option too, and helps mamas keep good posture. Be sure to register for extra covers, while you’re at it! I promise, they will come in very handy:)

9. Breast Pump

This item is a bit more costly but totally worth it! I was on the fence about purchasing one since I had planned on breastfeeding and didn’t necessarily see the value in having a pump. However, I am SO glad I purchased one! It comes in handy when you and your husband want to go on a date, you are able to provide your sitter with the same quality food even when you are not there. Not to mention all the other ways (another topic for another post:)) you are able to use breast milk to help support the growth and development of your child’s first year or more.

I decided to go with the Spectra S1. I have no complaints with this pump and it does exactly what I need it to do! I would suggest ordering extra bottles as it only comes with 2.

10. Stroller & Baby Carrier

I was so thankful that I had both of these when our son was born. Both of these items got daily use out of them as I made it a priority of mine to get out and walk every day! Our first stroller was just a cheap one from Target, but that’s all you need! It did the job and we got every penny out of it:)

Again, personal preference when it comes to both of these items but they are a necessity! You are going to need/want to get out of your house to go on walks and what better way than to carry your newborn on you until they are too big to carry. That’s when the stroller comes in handy and you get some exercise too. It’s a win win;)

Mamas, don’t forget to have fun while creating your baby registry. I know it can be stressful not knowing what you will need.

Honestly though, babies are fairly simple and they don’t need a whole lot. Don’t over complicate things and you will be just fine. Being a first time mama is definitely a “figure it out as you go” type of situation:)

Check out this post, Top 3 Resources for Pregnancy and Beyond if you are looking for some light reading during your pregnancy:)

You are going to do great! Now, go and have fun registering for your baby shower.

Good luck, mama!

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